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The Future of

We'd like to welcome you to the beginning
of a new era in customer engagement.

Free your customer journey
with CLX.

We know how it is. Multiple vendors, endless headaches. That’s why we created CLX, to free the customer journey with a single-point, end-to-end engagement solution, for all your customer acquisition, engagement, and experience needs.

Leadership Team

Julie Casteel

Chief Strategic Accounts Officer

Jeff Cox

President - ibex Digital

Christy O'Connor

General Counsel

Bruce Dawson

Chief Sales & Client Services Officer

Robert Dechant

CEO - ibex Interactive

Jim Ferrato

Chief Information Officer

Karl G. Gabel

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Inson

Chief People Officer

Mohammed Khaishgi

Chairman & CEO - IBEX Holdings

Carl O'Neil

EVP Global Operations

Anthony P. Solazzo

CEO - ibex Insurance

Jason Tryfon

CMO, President - ibex CX

Get CLX, the customer lifecycle
experience Suite.

The only interconnected toolset for driving end-to-end customer acquisition,
support, & experience for high-growth brands.